Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Armies on Parade - Part 2: Vidpui joins the fray

Well, Its real now, I'm doing Armies on Parade! Signed up in store and every thing!



It was just a bit of banter with Dave on twitter, a bit of friendly encouragement for him to do some painting and now has turned in to a full blown mission. We'd both joked on about winning a Golden Demon, or the Slayer Sword next year but as we were both considering AoP why not just go for it! Got to be in it to win it!

I've had my idea for my army for a while now, and winding commissions I finally have time to paint for myself. Also I might finally get to learn to play! I decided I wanted to go Stormcasts, mainly because if I didnt like them they should be easy to sell on lol so this is mainly what I've bought so far. It'll be around 2000pts. Might not be the greatest army, game wise, but its the units that I could afford.
I'd just painted the newly released vanguard paladors and loved the vanguard hunter models. I'm not a fan of basically big stealthy units in gold though and decided I wanted to them to be a dark colour. At the time I was commissioned to do an Iron Hands army, and after doing some test minis thought that it would look great on the stormcast! So they will have black armour but with hints of purples and greens and yellows. I'm thinking white and red as secondry colours. Snow bases to contrast and add to the theme.
Talking about the theme. Going slightly leftfield and non cannon, I'll be doing Cult of Ulric Stormcasts. So lots of snow, lots of fur and beards, lots of wolves! Count as Lord Aquilor and paladors will ride wolves, and for gryphhound Ill use Fenrisian wolves. Lots of work to do on the lord pictured below but you get the idea! Also hopefully to make up a quarter of the points a stardrake/wolfdragon...

Thats it for now. Lots of background and stuff to think about. Got some ideas for the board but nothing concrete yet. Hopefully next week you'll get to see some gryphwolfhounds!

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  1. Finally! I belive in vidpui senpai to make an awesome stormcast army!