Friday, 14 July 2017

Shadow Wars Painting Progress - 14/07/2017

Ah man, it seems like I've made no progress this week, but actually I look at these photos and think that actually, I've made a load of progress!

I'm really liking the way the colour scheme for these Mechanicum guys has turned out, so much so that I've given it a shot on my Primaris Marines too.

I'm not sure the Mechanicum will be completely finished in time for their first campaign match next week, but they have more than the three colours I promised I'd get on them. And then I remember this is only the core force! there's another 9 guys (specialists and recruits) to paint for next time...

I've also finished all the blocking out on the Space Wolves Terminators I'm painting for a friend, and my rhino is pretty much there now too. What I really need is some Agrax Earthshade, I've run out!!

I've also nearly finished this guy... after 3 years!! My wife will be happy :-)

What have you guys been up to this week?

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