Thursday, 20 July 2017

Shadow Wars: Necrons vs Eldar Vs Ad Mech


Last night saw the opening game of a 3-player Shadow Wars campaign. Myself and the other two players have been working on our kill teams for the last couple of weeks. We all chose to paint up something new, so to begin with, last night saw us reveal the work we'd put in.

Sadly, I didn't get a close up of the Eldar, so I'll make sure I do that next time. Gav had done a fantastic job of painting the diamonds on his miniatures. That's one of those paint schemes that has always put me off even having a go...

The 3-way game rules are pretty similar to the 2-player rules with an added 2d6 roll at the start of each turn to see who goes first, which really spices things up.

The aim of the mission was to collect the promethium barrels from the centre  of the board and take them back to our corner.

We each set up 12" from a corner and started to tentatively make our way towards the barrels.

I'd selected 3 guys with basic weapons, my Alpha was set up for close combat and then I spent a lot of points on a guy with a really expensive sniper rifle. This scenario was ideal! I moved him up to a position overlooking the promethium cache in the middle of the board.

Turn 1, 2 and 3 also saw me trading shots with the naughty Necrons (who looked fantastic in their chrome paint scheme, great work Chris!).

I think it was Turn 4 when the Eldar pounced, grabbed three barrels, but subsequently got taken down almost immediately. This will be why everyone was hanging back then... In Shadow Wars, if you go down but someone is within 2" of you, they can help you back up. unfortunately the entire Eldar team got put down, which saw them spend the rest of the game dragging themselves to safety...

With the Eldar down, it was left to the Necrons and Mechanicum to try and snatch the loot. I managed to grab one barrel, and as I tried to get that off the board, the rest of my team spent the remaining turns shooting at the retreating Necrons, who had grabbed three and were making a dash for their corner.

After two turns of tactical retreat I accidentally won the game. With the Eldar down and choosing to fail the Bottle Test on Turn 6, and the Necrons grabbing 3 barrels to escapee the board, it meant that I was the last player on the table and by default, the winner.

The one member of my team that went down in the game managed to recover. However, and more interestingly, one player from each of the Necron and Harlequin teams rolled 'captured' on the table, which means I got myself some prisoners! In terms of Promethium, I gained 3, the 'Crons got 3 and Eldar 1. You need 15 to win the campaign, so the difficult decision is, do you keep that in your bank or spend it on a Special Operative next game?

In summary, the 3-player game wasn't unbalanced from what I can see and it was very 'busy', none of the turns were without any action. We had an objective and so that was our focus. The Eldar may feel a little different about 'balance' considering they all got taken out as soon as they headed for the promethium cache, but I didn't feel like both of my opponents were ganging up on me.

I'm looking forward to Game 2, which is going to be a three-way rescue mission as the Necrons and Harlequins try and rescue their captured team members. Not that there will be much left of them once my Enginseers have stripped them of their Xenos tech...

Lastly, you might have noticed a little less posting from me lately? That's because I have been in the middle of completing my Doctorate. The great news is that I passed with only a couple of amendments to make, which I plan to do over the next week. And that leads straight into the next heads up; you probably wont hear from me for a couple of weeks now, but when I get back I'll be diving straight in with a couple of posts about my Armies on Parade plans (are you entering this year?).

If you need to fill the void left by me over the next two weeks (I know you'll miss me), make sure you check out the latest adventures of Abaddon and his space cat, or musings from the mighty, Gemmell Award winning Gav Thorpe (and make sure you congratulate him on this fantastic achievement).

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  1. Well done Dr Dave and great report, the game that is. Looks fun like Necromunda once was

    1. Cheers dude!
      And that's exactly how it played, like necromunda. I know 3-player games can get a bit one sided but it didn't feel too much like that. Unfortunately the Eldar were first to break cover and go for the prize!