Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Battles in the Rage of Darkness - Game 1

So, Monday evening, myself and Rich convened at Rich HQ for the first battle of our campaign (overview here).

It was a 1000pt Zone Mortalis game, played on a 3' x 3' board. We set up in opposite corners, with two objective rooms in the other two corners.

After boarding a derelict Legion Frigate, the mission was to get to each of those rooms to capture the secondary navigational and weapons systems controls in each of these rooms, so that they could retake control of the ship. The Fists were playing the part of themselves, and for scenario devised by Rogal Dorn, the Wolves were playing the part of the traitors....

We set up using blip counters (as described in the Blood in the Void campaign rules in HH Book 1), each unit having a separate blip counter and then each of us having 2 extra blank counters to add a bit of spice to the mix. The counters are revealed upon an enemy unit or counter coming into line of site. We also play the house rule that boarding shields block line of site, so it is possible for counters to remain hidden behind breacher shield squads.

Each of us agreed to have a newly painted unit ready for this game. I painted up my two dreadnoughts (more photos later in the week). Rich didn't quite manage it but to be fair, he did make a start on a new praetor and cleaned up the Zone Mortalis doors for the board, so I think he pulled his weight.

As usual, the game swung in each players favour from turn to turn, which is really exciting.

Turn 1 is always a bit touchy feely as each of us try to move our blips without having to reveal any of them. Of course, the problem with this is that sometimes when your squads are all revealed at the same time, the corridors can get a bit full!

Turn 2 is generally where half the army gets revealed and the carnage begins. Rich tactically left one of his squads behind a closed door so that he could open it and shoot in the next turn.

I must say that I am really impressed by the Leviathan Storm Cannon, it really makes mince meat of most things. Of course, Rich didn't bring his own Leviathan along so I'm not sure how it would deal with anything more heavily armoured than a terminator...

By Turn 3, everyone is out in the open and in to the fray, apart from Rich's squad, which is still 'cowering' behind that closed door... The Leviathan has destroyed a squad of terminators before they could cause too much damage to my foot sloggers.

Turns 4, 5 and 6 see both of us claim victory points from capturing the rooms and then slowly working our way through each other's units. The board is pretty bare by the end of Turn 6!

Zone Mortalis battles generally don't have a lot of shooting, but we had set up with a blank tile in the middle of the board so there was a nigh big kill zone.

For my wolves I took the Pale Hunters RoW, which meant I could hit and run, which really helped me deal with the Imperial Fists terminators. There was little chance of me defeating them in close combat, so the ability to jump out of combat and give them another round from my bolt pistols (and any of the dreadnought guns that were around) before charging back in really helped.

To score victory points, the players had to have a unit inside one of the two control rooms for a whole turn. VPs were also scored by destroying units... so, it ended up a draw after 6 turns, 3VPs a piece. If there has been one more turn my Leviathan would have hunted down the remaining two breacher guys, but the luck of the dice mean that they survived and I was denied an outright victory.

Sorry it's a short one. The next game is due to be played in June, and the report will be much longer (and filmed in fact), so stay tuned!

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