Friday, 17 February 2017

Army painting challenge - Part 1

So, this is a new feature that I'm going to run over the next 12 months, so you can see my progress on this years painting ambitions. I'm hoping to get all of the miniatures needed for my two 30k Space Wolves army lists (3000pts of Zone Mortalis and 3000pts of standard force organisation) completed by the end of the year, and this challenge is going to motivate me to do that!

As a man who works quite a few hours a week and who has a busy toddler to 'handle', I don't get as much painting time as I used to in my youth. A couple of hours a week maybe. This seeming lack of progress can sometimes get me down, so what I have decided to do is buy a couple of days extra annual leave this year and have some 'me' time, where hopefully I can get a bit more painting done in the comfort of my own home :-)

I had one such day recently. I'll start with a list of this year's painting projects. I think I set this out last month as my New Years resolutions, but once I'd emptied all the boxes I had a real idea of what I was dealing with. The release of Inferno has also caused me to have to re-work some of the squads I was planning on painting. Adding ten power swords to my Grey layers squad also proved trickier than I imagined!

So the list for painting
20 Grey Slayers with close combat weapons
20 Grey Slayers with bolters
20 assault marines
11 terminators
1 Forge Lord (Iron Priest)
4 heavy weapons guys
1 Spartan assault tank
5 Death Sworn

For re-basing:
Large flying stand
2 small flying stands
5 heavy weapons guys

After 7hrs I managed to stick all the power swords on the Grey Slayers, sort out the flying bases with some of the 40k basing kits and textured paint and undercoat everything and then base coat everything, using Chaos Black and Mechanicum Standard grey spray cans from Games Workshop.

I feel it was a great start. Everything that I want to paint is now stuck together and base-coated, meaning I've just (just) got all the details to do now.
As I've got two army lists: one for Zone Mortalis and one for standard 30k games, which means there is no real priority in painting these, they just all need doing now! haha. I'll book another day off in a few months to make another leap forward, but in the mean time I'll chip away as much as I can.
Thanks for reading.
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  1. The details is the hard part!!! :) You can do it!

    1. Cheers Greg. Gonna try and set up a production line next time i have a day off...

  2. Best of luck! I will be watching your progress. But please, for the love of god, don't spray paint indoors (at least that's what it looks like in the picture). Those cans are near toxic.

    1. I was in the wet room with all the doors and windows open and a dust mask. It was too wet and cold outside :-)
      Thanks for your concern tho :-)