Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Space Wolves Legion Bike Squad

There's a part of my army that is a bit like the Dark Angels Raven Wing. It comprises a bike squad, some jet bikes, a couple of land speeders and a Storm Eagle. I painted the entire group up with matching squad markings to show that they are a squad that is part of a bigger force.

Today I thought I'd share the bike squad element of that force with you.

I'll be honest, this was a squad that kinda got built ad hoc. I started with one bike a couple of years ago. I was never sure about bikes. Then I brought a couple more and then I brought the Dark Angels Raven Wing box, decided I didn't want to start a Dark Angels army and just added them to my Wolves. Which is why there is eleven of them and not some nice round number...

I've added all sorts of bits to the kits; wolves bits, Forge World bits, Raven Guard helmets... you name it and I bet you can find a bit from a kit...

They still bear Blood Claws markings from when they were part of my 40k Wolves army. I didn't see the need to change this. There's plenty of Claws on bikes in Collected Visions...

There's a lot of weathering and mud on these guys, as they ride through the outer wastelands of Prospero hunting the foe that have hidden there

I don't really like the Forge World bikes. Space Wolves ride street bikes, not sports bikes. So I probably won't be getting any of them...
There's space enough for three more bikes in my army box so I might yet add a couple more.

As usual, comments welcome.


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