Friday, 27 January 2017

New Boarding Shields

The first thing to point out is that I rarely buy things from third parties. I’m quite the purist when it comes to my Games Workshop and Forge World miniatures. I generally want to enter my miniatures in painting or gaming events, which generally means you can’t use third-party products. Games Workshop seem to be relaxing this somewhat, particularly in the gaming competitions, so I thought I’d test the water.

And why is that? Why now? You might ask. Well, the main issue I have right now is that I want lots of Breachers in my army, and to buy 20 shields from Forge World is going to cost at least £80, which is the best part of the price for Burning of Prospero! I just can’t stomach that. So when the manager at Alchemists Workshops told me about some good looking shields he’d seen from a third-party, I thought I’d take a look. 

Zinge Industries kindly provided these for me to take a look at before they go on general release. And you know what, I am really impressed. The mould and resin quality are as good, if not better than Forge World. 

They look very similar to the shields that come in the boarding marine squad, so with a few official Imperial additions, these will fit in nicely with my army

You can also retro-fit these to tactical marines, so I don’t have to leave those guys on the shelf now, I can just stick a shield on and away they go. I guess you could magnetise them too, giving you flexibility in your army list.

How do they compare with the official Forge World shields? I only have the Roman-esque shields from Forge World, but in terms of size, these are spot on.

And the best bit? £5 for 5 shields! That’s a third of the price of the Forge World shield set and means I can kit a full squad out for £20! That’s much more like it. Forge World need to be taking note of this type of pricing for upgrade kits, especially with such large armies in Heresy gaming.

My only quibble is that I'd like some rivets on the shield, so I'm going to have to model them on myself but along with some Forge World etched brass, these will look great and fit right in with the rest of my boarding marines.

All in all, I’ll be buying quite a few of these once they are released!

*Edit: just bought another 5, to finish off my first breacher squad...

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